Oleksii Dorogan: more than 50 decisions for business were developed and implemented by BRDO in cooperation with the Government

During the III National SME Development Forum 2019: #ZROSTAYMORAZOM, European partners, experts and government representatives talked about the instruments to develop entrepreneurial potential and implemented... Read more

Happy Armed Forces of Ukraine Day!

Congratulations to our servicemen and servicewomen on the holiday! You are our example of courage, loyalty and strength! Read more

The government adopted a series of decisions for business and abolished 76 obsolete acts

On December 4, 2019, the CMU approved a series of decisions for business developed by the BRDO Office with the support of the Ministry of... Read more

Ukrainian subsoil resources require efficient users

In 2018, BRDO conducted a comprehensive research of the oil and gas reserves market. Based on its results, we have developed and submitted a package... Read more

Introduction of BIM-technologies becomes a reality in Ukraine

A Memorandum on Roadmap for Introduction of BIM-Technologies (Building Information Model) implying an information modeling of construction objects in the Ukrainian market was signed a... Read more