The procedure of non-standard connection to electricity supply networks was simplified

The Ministry of Justice registered the relevant NKREKP’s resolution that amended a method for calculating costs for connecting to electric grids (160 kW – 5... Read more

Things are moving – the bastion against investments in construction began to show signs of strain

The Kyiv City Council’s Standing Committee for budget issues and the socio-economic development approved the project of reducing a size and a new procedure for... Read more

The timber market requires the adoption of state concept of sector development

Ukraine should adopt a state concept of sector development to develop the timber market. The head of the Agriculture Sector of the Better Regulation Delivery... Read more

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine approved a plan for public review of regulations and pilot markets

This decision was approved at a meeting of the Ministry’s working group that was chaired by the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food... Read more

Moratorium on business inspections was extended to December 31, 2017

The Verkhovna Rada adopted as a whole the draft law #3153 that provides for extending a moratorium on business inspections to December 31, 2017. The... Read more