Decree “On Measures to Counter Raiding” signed

Finally, we have reached real steps to prevent raiding. This is the most painful issue for business, since there have been more than 3000 illegal... Read more

BRDO experts analyzed the regulation of the development market

During the Soviet period, the area of construction management and financing was in the list of most controlled and centralized sectors. In Ukraine, professional entrepreneurial... Read more

New concept of taxi market regulation presented

BRDO together with ACC, EBA, SUP and taxi market participants presented a new concept of the taxi market regulation “Ride in a new way”. The... Read more

Amendments to the Forestry Code introduce a unified state system of electronic timber management

Current legislative regulation of the forest sector can’t provide a complete forest inventory, while being powerless to deal with illegal logging and not offering effective... Read more

Measures reducing digital divide in Ukraine approved

The development of telecommunication infrastructure, in particular providing broadband access to the Internet and high-quality mobile communications throughout the country, is an effective tool for... Read more