Olena Shuliak will moderate the discussion on decentralization at the Ukrainian ID forum

The reform of decentralization is considered the most successful Ukrainian reform. There are 899 united territorial communities created and 26 cities of regional significance joined... Read more

Draft concept on informatization of medicine published for public consultations

Modern medicine is the dream of every Ukrainian. And creating an electronic health system is an integral part of Ukraine’s healthcare transformation. Read more

Updating the regulatory framework in construction – progress review

Updating the regulatory framework is a long and complicated systematic process affecting the quality and safety of construction and construction products, their innovative and economic... Read more

Oleksiy Honcharuk appointed Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration

On May 28, 2019, Oleksiy Honcharuk was appointed to the position of Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration by the Decree of the President of... Read more

Biofuel production allow Ukraine replace 35% imported diesel and 10% gasoline

Today, Ukraine meets more than 62% of domestic gasoline and 90% of diesel fuel consumption needs through imports. The biofuel production and use can provide... Read more