BRDO developed a list of acts required for the implementation of the Law “On Electronic Communications”

BRDO experts prepared a list of regulatory acts provided for by the Law “On Electronic Communications” and sent it to the relevant authorities and market... Read more

The Law on Electronic Communications is signed by the President

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi signed the Law on Electronic Communications that defines the rules of work in e-communications. Read more

Monopolists without control: six months of delays in government decisions resulted in a tariff crisis in the gas market

The government reported on the cancellation of ISO (imposition of special obligations on natural gas suppliers) and the transition to market pricing for gas for... Read more

BRDO and Vasyl Kisil&Partners presented new functions of the Inspection Portal that will assist in tax inspections

In Ukraine, entrepreneurs are anxiously awaiting tax inspections. Small businesses do not always have the opportunity to take advantage of qualified legal advice before, during,... Read more

E-licenses: BRDO experts work with the Government to create a Unified State Electronic System of Permits

Ukraine intends to introduce electronic licenses and permits. For this purpose, it is planned to create a Unified State Electronic System of Permits. The Control... Read more