Biofuel production allow Ukraine replace 35% imported diesel and 10% gasoline

Today, Ukraine meets more than 62% of domestic gasoline and 90% of diesel fuel consumption needs through imports. The biofuel production and use can provide... Read more

99% of Ukrainian schools could be connected to high-quality Internet until 2019

The Concept for reforming secondary education in Ukraine provides for the introduction of a modern educational environment, but technical and regulatory barriers hamper the process.... Read more

Procedure for charging fees for access to infrastructure elements of transport facilities published

Broadband Internet access (BBA) is needed to build a modern economy. At the same time, there is one issue related to infrastructure access that has... Read more

First FIDIC Procurement Procedures Guide presented in Ukraine

The Guide of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) is a practical guidance for construction industry specialists to develop and implement investment projects. It... Read more

BRDO will define the ease of doing business in regions

BRDO, with the support of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, is starting to collect data to form a rating of ease of doing business in... Read more