How to simplify land registration

The current procedure to register land plots for construction purposes is cumbersome, non-transparent and corrupt. The Government can change it. If it finds that fit. Read more

The Ministry of Infrastructure: regions have already used 8.6 billion of 11.5 billion hryvnias of government grant

Source: the UCMC As of December 6, 89% of funds from the State Road Fund’s grant for state roads (this is 23 billion hryvnias) were used.... Read more

Ukraine should remain a country with predictable laws and regulations

Specialized associations together with the EBA and the Office of the National Investment Council called on deputies to adopt a draft law that will allow... Read more

Reducing in a number of regulatory tools and converting them into electronic format will help to overcome corruption in land relations

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BRDO supports a draft law No.9311 #RaidingStop

Hybrid aggression and military actions against Ukraine – it’s time to come together and protect small and medium businesses, which are an important pillar of... Read more