The NKREKP will monitor the connection of consumers of oblenergos to networks at transparent rates and within specified time frames

On January 22, 2019, a resolution “On approval of tariffs for non-standard connection of capacities and tariffs for a linear component in 2019” comes into... Read more

Is it possible to connect to electricity networks without nerves and bribes?

The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities (NKREKP) approved the methodology to set fee rates to connect to electricity transmission and... Read more

How to simplify land registration

The current procedure to register land plots for construction purposes is cumbersome, non-transparent and corrupt. The Government can change it. If it finds that fit. Read more

The Ministry of Infrastructure: regions have already used 8.6 billion of 11.5 billion hryvnias of government grant

Source: the UCMC As of December 6, 89% of funds from the State Road Fund’s grant for state roads (this is 23 billion hryvnias) were used.... Read more

Ukraine should remain a country with predictable laws and regulations

Specialized associations together with the EBA and the Office of the National Investment Council called on deputies to adopt a draft law that will allow... Read more