The first lots permitting the subsoil use are available in the ProZorro.Sale system

In November, the Government approved a decision to open access to geological information and liberalize its circulation. This allowed to introduce online auctions for the... Read more

96% of taxi market is still informal, and regulation instruments do not work

In Ukraine, the total volume of the taxi market is about 40 billion UAH per year. Only 1 billion UAH of this amount is the... Read more

Zhytomyr have won the City Investment Battle

As a result of the audience voting, Zhytomyr with 82.22% of votes is ahead of Poltava with 17.78%. A number of tasks successfully performed by... Read more

Zhytomyr is among the three leaders of Regional Doing Business 2018

The BRDO Office and the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) presented results of the Regional Doing Business 2018 rating in Zhytomyr. Read more

“Guillotine” for Soviet-Era Laws: How Deregulation Works

Over the past few years, the word “deregulation” became a cliché and a tired idea. All speeches of politicians, government officials or international experts concerning... Read more