Olena Shuliak


Demolition of illegal constructions: Will Lviv be an example for other cities

News about the demolition of illegal constructions initiated in Lviv have given rise to many disputes. The demolition of illegal Lviv “buildings” is the first serious precedent in Ukraine. The local authorities in Kyiv, which is not only a leader...

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Tripping investors up. Why construction permits still “impossible” for real estate developers

One of the world’s most popular tools for analyzing the economy is the construction of new housing. In the United States, there is even a special index recording the number of permits for new construction granted by the Government for...

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A relic from the past: why the construction market can not do without paper

Source: LIGA.Biznes To obtain a construction permit, it is necessary to prepare pounds of paper. Why do not electronic services work? Sometimes it seems to me that new construction rules providing for an increase of green areas are just compensation...

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Two general plans. Why is the real estate development in Kyiv out of control?

  Source: biz.liga.net A new General Plan has not been approved in Kyiv for several years. The sluggishness of officials and deputies is too costly. More than half of Ukrainian cities do not have a current General Plan – a...

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Head of BRDO Construction sector Olena Shulyak comments: the housing market: when the “bubble” will burst

Will the prices in the primary housing market fall? What risks do rising prices of construction materials and the lack of effective demand from apartment buyers carry for real estate developers?

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