Ihor Samokhodsky

IT&Telecom Sector Head


5G and regulator in a smartphone: a chance for telecom business

Deputies and experts finalized a draft law on electronic communications. What will change if it is approved? The telecom industry is very technological and dynamic. However, in Ukraine, it is still regulated by the legislation adopted over 15 years ago....

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Managing of communications: what is the new version of the draft law on e-communications about

Source: Mind.ua When there will be less spam, what is an adequate tariff and who and how will protect the rights of mobile subscribers Last year, the draft law on electronic communications was registered at least four times in the...

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Ukrainian software development industry can outrun metallurgy by 2021

In October leaders of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies, representatives of government and parliament, as well as the EU Delegation discussed the future of software development market in Ukraine. The event took place at UNIT.city.

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Mobile phone instead of wallet

When leaving the house, you will check only whether you took your mobile phone. You can do well without your wallet.

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Ukrainians are surrounded by non-transparent duties and fees

Source: biz.nv.ua. There is a duty in Ukraine, which hardly any guesses about. I am sure that it will be a surprise for most accountants and lawyers. However, almost every Ukrainian pays it added to the price of products. There...

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