Denis Malyuska

BRDO's Chairman of the Board/World Bank Group

Is it possible to collect debts gentlemanly?

One of the fundamental elements of the market economy and the legal system is the ancient Roman principle Pacta sunt servanda (agreements should be performed).

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Four reasons to decommunize Ukrainian laws

Source: We still have the legislation of the Soviet Union remaining in effect Any state that has just proclaimed its independence faces the problem of lacking its own legislation and is forced to apply the laws that were in...

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How will Ukrainian business live without seals?

On July 19, business owners will not be demanded sealed documents any longer. So, what the near future holds for Ukrainian entrepreneurs?

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Use of foreign treatment procedures in Ukraine: hidden and inaccessible aspects become real and official

The BRDO has been successfully cooperating with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in many initiatives related to creating better business regulation for a long time. However, one of the problem, which the Ministry of Health asked our Office to...

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Five myths of state control of dual-use goods

Are you an entrepreneur and deal only with goods that have no relation to weapons? Do not be so sure of that: there is an extensive list of ‘dual-use’ goods, which can be used to produce weapons while being also...

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