Denis Malyuska

BRDO's Chairman of the Board/World Bank Group

Siri, what do you think about ‘Rotterdam+’?

Can a collective or single government body be replaced by artificial intelligence? Traditionally, in our country, presidential elections are the reason for political bargaining on another change of the political regime along with strengthening or weakening the president or the...

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Dark page of environmental protection

One day, a chemical or waste incineration plant that can destroy the entire natural environment and turn your life into hell may be built next to a house where you live.

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The price of life. Why not everything can not be bought, but should be measured in money

In many Western countries, the issue of monetary measurement of non-material values ​​is the day-to-day work of government bodies. In Ukraine, it’s just the beginning.

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Denis Malyuska: Business is ready to accept corruption in Ukraine

The Deputy Head of BRDO Denis Malyuska does not agree that corruption is a main reason for foreign investors not to enter the Ukrainian market. He says that sometimes it is quite the contrary.

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EU Association Agreement: what to expect?

On September 1, the “non-trade” part of the Association Agreement enters into force, according to which Ukraine should gradually harmonize its laws with the EU legislation.

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