Iryna Gruzinska

Agriculture Sector Head

Bees want to live: rules of good neighborliness for beekeepers and farmers

In Ukraine, beekeeping has been a popular activity for many centuries. Now it is a source of income for small and medium-sized businesses in villages.

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The cultivation of industrial cannabis should be deregulated

What is wrong with the regulation of the cannabis market and why and why Ukraine cannot compete with the EU and the US in this segment.

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Save the forest and develop the market: mission possible

This can be done simultaneously by using a comprehensive approach to reforming the sector

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Bees want to live. Why is Ukrainian beekeeping at risk?

What additional regulatory tools should be introduced to protect the beekeeping industry?

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In search of balance: Is the forest a source of income or social value?

Recently, unfair comments on anti-corruption mechanisms implemented in the timber market and allowing to clearly understand what is happening in this sector for the first time in three decades of Ukrainian independence have appeared in the media.  

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