Oleksiy Honcharuk

Head of BRDO


Ukrainian blackout, or costs for electricity after July 1

Starting July 1, a new electricity market should start working. This can trigger uncontrolled price increases actually leaving consumers without electricity. Soon, the newly elected president will take the oath of office. And in a month, he will face with...

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How to restore market confidence in subsoil resource allocation

Source: Economichna Pravda Officials should not allocate subsoil resources. There is an easier and more efficient tool – an auction. In early March, the Derzhgeonadra (State Service of Geology and Subsoil) held first electronic oil and gas field auctions in...

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It’s time to stop ‘hunting’ on businesses

Source: Economichna Pravda How to reduce the number of raider attacks and why do we need the draft law No.9311? Hybrid aggression and military actions against Ukraine is a time to come together and protect small and medium businesses, which...

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Reforms cooked slowly

Source: biz.nv.ua The transformation of the country is not about fast food changes on the run, but about “cooking slowly with constant stirring”. It is not about a sudden shower that brings relief and heavy yields immediately, but about slow...

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Interview with the BRDO Head: what inspections will businesses face with next year?

delo.ua A year and a half ago, Ukraine took the first step towards a complete reorganization of the system of business inspections – the relative regulatory framework was adopted. 2018, they finally started to implement the changes. The BRDO Head...

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