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Money lost a patient: what is happening in the second stage of health care reform

After April 1, a series of debates over whether a health care reform had worked for secondary health care facilities as expected arose across Ukraine.   

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132,000 Ukrainians are at risk of losing their jobs. However, it can be avoided

During the quarantine, employees can receive payments from the Social Security Fund of Ukraine due to the business interruption without losing their jobs. How to do it?

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How (not) to reform the State Architectural and Construction Inspection

Dreams of convenient and transparent services and predictable state control in construction are supposed to come true already. What should we do?

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Forest auctions, or how to save UAH 200 mln

Source: epravda.com.ua Introducing electronic auctions in the timber market can return 200 million UAH to the budget annually On February 1, a government resolution launched a pilot project allowing to sell virtually all unprocessed timber traded in Ukraine through electronic...

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There is an entire market of up to 100 million hryvnias per year based on cumbersome DABI procedures

Source: Unian  The Ukrainian construction market has been impacted by corruption and corrupt officials for many years. President Zelensky has set a task to reform the industry in two months. UNIAN was figuring out at what stages corruption risks arise...

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