Oleksii Dorogan



Restarting the urban planning reform: what’s going on?

Objectively speaking, the construction sector has always been one of the most corrupt in Ukraine. Over the decades, market participants have already got used to certain “rules”, and officials have come up with many convenient schemes.  This story could have ended successfully...

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Is the parliament able to defend the interests of Ukrainian business?

Parliamentarians will soon consider a draft law on self-regulatory organizations. Why is it important for business and consumers?

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Regulatory guillotine: panacea or placebo?

After the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine is well on its path to move away as far as possible from the remnants of the “Soviet” past to develop a well-functioning economic and social system that is benefiting all of Ukraine’s citizens.

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Is it true that the draft law on realtors will impose real estate services on Ukrainians?

BRDO lawyers and analysts analyzed the text of the draft law, the explanatory note to it, and arguments of the drafters, and offer an expert assessment of the regulation proposed.

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Money lost a patient: what is happening in the second stage of health care reform

After April 1, a series of debates over whether a health care reform had worked for secondary health care facilities as expected arose across Ukraine.   

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