How can entrepreneurs fulfill all legal requirements and not go into bankruptcy?


In order to fully comply with the requirements of our legislation, collect an incredible amount of certificates, documents, licenses and others, entrepreneurs simply should forget about their business for an indefinite period of time and spend a lot of time to obtain approval documents. And if you think that then this will work as expected – no, they will be still to blame for something. Here is the question of how to do everything in accordance with the law and, at the same time, not go into bankruptcy and not be in arrears. After all, every downtime day in business means a certain risk and losses.

Today starting a business in Ukraine is a real challenge. It is time-consuming, expensive and problematic. We offer clear answers to complicated questions on the PRO platform. Take up this challenge, do your job, build a business. We will be here with you and do everything to make the state and its services as convenient as possible.

It all started with the fact that we had a task to analyze the legislation to improve the rules for business in the framework of the PRO project – the Platform for Effective Regulation that we are implementing. And our goal is not just to prepare a regular report, which will die under the dust on the shelves of one of the Ministries, but to make a really effective platform for those who are just planning to start their business or have long been working on the market and are planning to grow and develop. In addition, the information published on the portal could be updated, supplemented and used in a timely manner.

We have created a unique platform that has no analogues in the world. Anyone who visits our website can obtain clear instructions on how to do a certain business. Today, users can choose any area among 15 cases available on the website: restaurants, beauty salons, sawmills, kindergartens, electric charging stations, etc. We are planning to increase their amount to 30 by the end of the year. Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv and Chernivtsi local authorities and non-governmental organizations have already joined the project.

In parallel with the development of the Platform, analysts of the Better Regulation Delivery Office prepared the ranking “Ease of doing business. Regional doing business” to assess how easy and convenient it is to conduct business activities in the regions of Ukraine. BRDO experts adapted the World Bank’s methodology and interviewed hundreds of domestic entrepreneurs. Four areas of interaction between entrepreneurs and the government were used as the basis, including: paying local taxes, obtaining construction permits, registering land plots for real estate and connecting to electricity networks.

For example, in the Kherson region, it will take on average 147 days to obtain construction permits, while in the Odessa region – only 68 days. Such factors do not create favorable conditions for investments, and sometimes they really transform into a stop sign for entrepreneurs. In order to make life easier for entrepreneurs and create the most comfortable business environment, BRDO experts developed recommendations to resolve both such situations and a number of other issues identified during the study for each region of Ukraine.

I am sure that most of future entrepreneurs who want to open their business, such as a restaurant or bakery, are not always aware of the huge amount of work that they will need to do and all

risks they will face with. And it is unlikely that they wake up thinking of what certificate they can get today. This is a minor issue, which ordinary people are not interested in, because most often they imagine a wonderful result they want to have at the end of this process. They are interested in everything taken as a whole.

We have made the first step and standardized the work of our experts. From now on, everyone who visits our portal will be able to see the full list of procedures he/she will need to go through to start a business with minimal expenses and losses. All procedures, licenses, descriptions of these licenses, sanctions and what will happen if you do not obtain a license.

You visit the website, select the appropriate case, for example, “Restaurant”, take a kind of test and get a personalized answer: how many procedures you will need to go through, what documents to obtain and how long it takes.

In such a way, entrepreneurs can protect themselves from “sudden” inspections, stresses and bribes. Because everything will be okay with their business. Moreover, taking into account our recommendations, they will be able to develop own action plans and not to be in arrears.

Would you like to learn more about this? I, Oleksiy Dorohan, Platform for Effective Regulation PRO project manager, am waiting for you at the largest festival for entrepreneurs Get Business Festival in Kyiv at the NSC “Olympic” on October 20. I will speak within the theme “Finance” from 17:00 to 17:30.