About Us

The Better Regulation Delivery Office is an independent analytical center funded by international donors, foremost by the European Union.

BRDO is a nonprofit NGO created in 2015 to support the GoU in carrying out medium and long-term business environment economic reforms in a politically unstable environment.

Our mission is to play a key role in transforming Ukraine into a European well-governed democratic society underpinned by strong economy.

Main sectors of our activities:

  • construction
  • IT and telecommunications
  • energy
  • agriculture
  • transportation and infrastructure
  • market control and supervision.

Areas of activity:

  • reviewing the regulatory environment and removing outdated and illegal acts;
  • attracting investments in Ukraine per the Doing Business rating;
  • introducing a risk-based approach in the work of inspection bodies;
  • providing support to those starting a business;
  • facilitating public administration reform

Our achievements:

  • over 1200 illegal and outdated acts abolished;
  • more than 50 business related decisions approved;
  • over 40 markets reviewed; analytical studies in the format of “green papers” prepared;
  • launching of a platform for effective regulation (PRO) containing step-by-step instructions on how to start a business and complete the most common licensing procedures;
  • launching of a Pilot module for planning state supervision activities and gathering information to introduce an integrated automated state supervision system (inspections.gov.ua).

More information is available here.