About Us

The Better Regulation Delivery Office is an independent expert-analytical center funded by the European Union as part of the FORBIZ project and the EU4Business Initiative.

We focus on improving the business environment and investment attractiveness of Ukraine, promoting entrepreneurship development and establishing a public dialogue between the government and businesses.

Main sectors of our activities:

  • construction
  • IT and telecommunications
  • energy
  • agriculture
  • transport and infrastructure
  • market control and supervision.

Areas of activity:

  • reviewing and clearing the regulatory environment of outdated and illegal acts;
  • increasing the investment attractiveness of Ukraine in the Doing Business rating;
  • introducing a risk-based approach in the work of inspection bodies;
  • providing support to start a business;
  • facilitating the public administration reform

Our achievements:

  • over 1000 illegal and outdated acts abolished;
  • more than 50 decisions for business approved;
  • over 40 markets reviewed, and analytical studies in the “green papers” format prepared;
  • a platform for effective regulation (PRO), which contains step-by-step instructions on how to start a business and complete the most popular licensing procedures, launched;
  • a Pilot module for planning state supervision activities and gathering information to introduce an integrated automated state supervision system (inspections.gov.ua) launched.

More information is available here.