Rivne region published 100% of data on the pmap.minregion.gov.ua portal


On November 12, a public discussion on the results of the Regional Doing Business 2019 rating was held in Rivne. Government, business and expert community representatives analyzed together what advantages there are for entrepreneurs in the region, what hinders the development of own business, what should be changed to improve the investment climate and, similarly, what to keep and strengthen. Rivne with 306 points ranked 6th in the rating.

The Rivne region is a region where it is easy to launch a new business, and they scrupulously published 100% of data on the urban planning documentation portal – pmap.minregion.gov.ua.

But they failed to improve the last year’s results by the “local taxes” component. In spite of the last year’s recommendations from the BRDO Office on reducing tax rates for the first group to 8% and for the second group to 10%, there has been no changes. Now rates are still 10% and 20%. There is also disappointing progress in the components related to construction permits and getting electricity, as elsewhere within the country.

“Regions and territories of Ukraine should learn how to compete with each other for investments! Such problematic issues as obtaining construction permits and connecting to electricity networks in the Rivne region should be resolved in the near future. The BRDO Office will gladly provide recommendations to set an agenda for changes to make it easier to do business in the region,” the BRDO representative Vitaliy Bezhin said.

“The involvement of offices and institutions at the national level is something we lack to create an effective and active environment that will advocate the business and economic development interests. We have already gained a significant progress in how to start a business quickly, and now we are actively working on a business strategy for the development of Rivne,” the head of the Rivne Business Support Centre Serhiy Vaschuk said.

The BRDO Office together with the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) presented the Regional Doing Business 2018 rating on an annual basis. Five types of interaction between entrepreneurs and local authorities were selected for the study: paying local taxes; setting up an enterprise; obtaining construction permits; registering a land plot for real estate purposes; connecting to electricity networks. In addition, this year we added a new indicator – the quality and availability of electronic services.