The Government abolished 340 acts that complicated life for business owners


The Government approved the decision to abolish 340 obsolete regulatory acts that was prepared by BRDO experts in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and the State Regulatory Service. These acts complicated life for entrepreneurs, required extra time and money to meet excessive, unnecessary requirements. So, abolishing the obsolete laws will reduce pressure, improve the business climate and reduce regulatory barriers to start and develop own business in Ukraine.

BRDO experts conducted a comprehensive review of 1,211 subordinate acts and concluded that it is necessary to abolish:

  1. 25% of acts in occupational safety and health;
  2. 32% of acts in fire safety;
  3. 47% of acts on ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare.

In addition, this will allow to:

  • reduce risks of committing corrupt acts;
  • bring subordinate legal acts in line with requirements of the laws of Ukraine;
  • bring a certain amount of Ukrainian laws in line with international legal obligations of Ukraine regarding the European integration and EU law;
  • eliminate duplication, namely double legal regulation of similar legal relations by using different regulatory acts having the same legal effect;
  • “modernize” the existing regulation by refusing to use numerous acts drafted in the USSR as well as in the early 90’s in Ukraine.