BRDO experts agreed position on several draft laws in construction with partners

  The Better Regulation Delivery Office together with the Construction Chamber of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Building Community agreed on common positions on draft laws,... Read more

BRDO works on draft law to simplify land plot purchasing / leasing procedures   

The BRDO suggests to simplify the land plot purchasing / leasing procedure and reduce the terms of registration. The Construction Sector Head Olena Shuliak said... Read more

Expert: Nearly 25% of regulatory tools in the agricultural sector should be reviewed

Nowadays, the review of regulatory legislation, including the regulatory tools, is one of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) priorities. The BRDO Food&Agriculture Sector Head... Read more

BRDO together with Ministry of Justice develop mechanism to protect investors’ rights for construction-in-progress property

The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) together with the Ministry of Justice develop a mechanism to protect the investors’ rights for real estate property that... Read more

BRDO together with USAID LEV and EasyBusiness agreed on financial model of connecting to electricity supply networks

The Better Regulation Delivery Office BRDO together with the USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program and EasyBusiness agreed on main mechanisms and principles of... Read more