Optimization of the procedure of connecting to electricity supply networks will save hundreds of millions hryvnias for business

Introducing the optimized procedure of standard connection to electricity supply networks will allow the business to save more than 5,000 hryvnias on every connection procedure.... Read more

Draft law on activities of state energy regulator was sent for revision

On January 27, the Verkhovna Rada sent the draft Law №2966 “On National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities” for revision to... Read more

BRDO: Draft license conditions concerning hazardous waste management don’t satisfy requirements of a number of regulatory acts

The Better Regulation Delivery Office BRDO examined draft license conditions concerning conducting economic activities on hazardous waste management and dangerous chemicals production prepared by the... Read more

SRS abolished some medical institutions’ monopoly on conducting drivers’ examination

On January 7, 2016, the SRS suspended two paragraphs of the common order of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health as... Read more

BRDO calls the public and business to join project analysis of license conditions

The State Regulatory Service sent the draft license conditions on conducting business activities in transportation of passengers, dangerous materials and hazardous waste products by air... Read more