Oleksiy Honcharuk will participate in the press briefing “Simplified Registration of Medicines: Opportunities for Business and the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Market” on December 7

A press briefing devoted to the launch of a simplified registration procedure for medicines will take place in the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center on December... Read more

No organic producer is certified in Ukraine

Ukraine is among the 20 countries in the world that have the largest land bank for organic production. The area of certified organic land is... Read more

BRDO: Government has increased its openness by 19%

The overall percentage of the Government’s openness is 66%. These data are available in the second analytical study “Openness of Government 2: 0” conducted by... Read more

New construction in historical areas: pardon impossible to execute

Scandals and battles caused by barbaric constructions in the territories of cultural heritage are becoming a “landmark” of Kiev instead of the heritage itself. Read more

Ukraine’s IT industry may increase twofold by 2020 under stable tax conditions

The software development market is the only export sector, which is steadily increasing in Ukraine, having demonstrated an increase of 58% in 2013-2016. Read more