The Government approved 6 decisions for business

On May 10, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a number of important decisions for simplifying the business environment developed by the MEDT together with the... Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution that will provide Ukraine with 4 positions in the Doing Business rating

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a decision that will reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, increase the investment attractiveness of the country and help Ukraine... Read more

The SES started publishing the results of inspections in the IAS Pilot module

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has joined the Pilot Module for planning state supervision (control) activities to launch the IAS SSC (Integrated Automated System... Read more

Publicity of urban planning documentation and some issues of developing urban planning cadastres

Source: “Development Strategy” magazine, #7. One of the problems raised by investors-real estate developers is the lack of open access to information on zoning of... Read more

Strategy vs. Flexibility: how often should general plan be updated?

Source: A settlement’s general plan is a long-term strategic document, a kind of scenario for the long-term development of a village, township or city.... Read more