The Government abolished 149 obsolete acts and adopted a series of decisions for business

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Oleksiy Honcharuk: Our goal is obtaining all permits from a smartphone or computer in 10 days

“A today’s model of Ukrainian business behavior is simple: if they come, we will make a bargain. We decided to break these stereotypes and developed... Read more

#BRDOSchool holds a series of training sessions on RIA for representatives of ministries

The market surveillance sector head Volodymyr Holovatenko, together with the analyst of the BRDO Office Anna Palazova, continues a series of training sessions on Regulatory... Read more

How to connect schools to the Internet in a year

The Ministry of Education and Science has 1.5 million hryvnias and almost a year to improve the quality of education. Read more

Current regulation of the meat market has high corruption risks and can not solve its problems

Over the past five years, Ukraine has experienced a declining trend in livestock production: the number of cattle has decreased by 19% and the number... Read more