How to avoid being affected by inspectors: life hacks from BRDO

Are you waiting for a government inspector’s visit? That is, an inspector to inspect you. Unlike the days of Nikolay Gogol, today you can definitely... Read more

The procedure to obtain permits for special water use is improved

Yesterday, the Government improved the procedure to obtain permits for special water use by adopting amendments developed by the BRDO Office together with the State... Read more

BRDO proposes to establish 10% quota for parking lots with electric charging devices at the legislative level

In Ukraine, the development of the segment of environmentally friendly transport modes is restrained by the absence of the market of electric charging services. Read more

BRDO conducts a survey on state price regulation

The BRDO Office starts reviewing the state price regulation to create an effective system of price stability in the long term. Read more

Presentation of the Project “pMAP – Open Spacial Planning” on December 19

BRDO in collaboration with MATRA project and the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing of Ukraine starts "pMAP - Open Spacial Planning" project to... Read more