Olena Shuliak: It is rationally to invest in energy efficiency measures, instead of subsidies

Nowadays it is more rational for Ukraine to invest in energy efficiency measures, instead of subsidies, the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) Construction Sector Head... Read more

BRDO: Concept of connection to electricity supply networks from national regulator is a step forward, but it needs to be redrafted

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Abolition the necessity of declarations registration in construction is supported by Legal Committee  

The Legal Committee “URE Club” supported a draft law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on improving state regulation of construction”(№4187) developed by the... Read more

The Head of BRDO: Reforms should be based on fundamental changes instead of fragmentary cosmetic ones

Only fundamental changes in the decision-making system can provide efficient reforms in Ukraine. The head of BRDO Oleksiy Honcharuk stated that at the beginning of... Read more

Ukrainian users and manufacturers are ready for introduction of energy-efficient technologies

The conditions for the beginning of energy-efficient modernization and the more active use of energy-saving technologies have been created in Ukraine. This thesis became a... Read more