The Ministry of Regional Development set up a working group on reforming the system of architectural and construction control

Based on the Minregion’s data Following the instructions of the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Hennadiy Zubko,... Read more

BRDO together with the Ministry of Economic Development and the SRS proposed to improve licensing procedures

What do a carrier who gets you to work, a dentist who filled your tooth and a veterinarian who cured your cat have in common?... Read more

BRDO: As of today, 67% of the information on urban planning documentation is freely available in Ukraine

Olena Shuliak, the Construction Sector Head at BRDO, announced that at the Conference “Spatial Planning. How will cities develop?”. She also noted that this was... Read more

The NKREKP will monitor the connection of consumers of oblenergos to networks at transparent rates and within specified time frames

On January 22, 2019, a resolution “On approval of tariffs for non-standard connection of capacities and tariffs for a linear component in 2019” comes into... Read more

Two large companies dealing with cryptocurrencies supported a draft Concept on virtual assets

In Finland, elementary school students study the programming. California, Israel, China and Germany are already testing self-driving cars. Probably, it’s time for Ukraine to focus... Read more