Business risk rating

  A risk-oriented approach to business inspections conducted by the state is based on the simple truth – it is impossible to inspect everything! Although,... Read more

#PRODialogue: On May 24 – “Regulation of the Market of Cryptocurrency in Ukraine”

How should the state respond on the cryptocurrency market development? What aspects of the current legislation hinder the market development? What risks do the state... Read more

The government request for digital educational content is a key to quality improvements in education and economic growth of the country

Digital technologies are an essential part of modern education in the world, but in Ukraine, the market of electronic educational content is still poorly developed.... Read more

We invite you to discuss amendments to the draft laws No.7123 and No.6577

Today, compliance with national standards is obligatory in Ukraine if they are referred to in laws and regulations, contracts and construction codes (DBN and GBN).... Read more

The Government approved 6 decisions for business

On May 10, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a number of important decisions for simplifying the business environment developed by the MEDT together with the... Read more