RAB-regulation will cost businesses up to 1.4 billion UAH annually under current tariffs

On January 10, 2018, the NKREKP’s Resolution #972 of 27/07/2017 entered into force, which allows to introduce the RAB-regulation for oblenergos. Read more

Right principles for a risk-based approach

State control of business should be based on a risk-based approach. There have been the relevant legal provisions at the level of slogans for more... Read more will work with open data

In 2018, Ukrainian enterprises will find out more about a plan for business inspections at Read more

BRDO prepared the Green Paper “Doors, windows, shutters, gates and related furnishings for homes”

Windows and doors are the main causes of heat losses in buildings. According to calculations, the windows provide almost 51% of heat losses in existing... Read more

How to refuse to have a comprehensive inspection: life hack #3

So, as you already know, a comprehensive inspection is an inspection of the same enterprise conducted by several supervision (control) bodies simultaneously. Read more