BRDO analyzed the implementation of the coalition agreement as a public policy document

500 commitments, 17 section and 77 pages. This forms an agreement on the coalition of deputy factions “European Ukraine” that was signed by the Verkhovna... Read more

ProAID International Technical Assistance Coordination Portal was launched with the support of the BRDO Office

On April 4, the Ministry of Economic Development launched an official web portal for international technical assistance (ITA) coordination (ProAID) in Ukraine. The web resource... Read more

From now on, everyone will be able to keep track of roads repair costs online

In 2018, more than 35 billion hryvnias were spent on Ukrainian roads. However, the vast majority of roads (about 95%) are still in poor condition,... Read more

One in five transactions is suspicious in the primary real estate market

Starting from 2015, Ukrainians invest more than 1 billion euros annually in primary real estate. However, one in five transactions is suspicious. Our readers already... Read more

The Government abolished 149 obsolete acts and adopted a series of decisions for business

On March 6, 2019, the Government approved a series of business decisions developed by the BRDO Office with the support of the MEDT and business... Read more