Where do the human settlements begin and end?

Someone thinks that the boundaries of an administrative-territorial unit are a conditional line, where a city ends. At the same time, specialists in spatial planning,... Read more

BRDO: everyone can now make their own index of borsch, dumplings or Olivier salad

From now on, the service allows everyone to make their own dish and track the dynamics of its price! You just need to choose... Read more

The Ministry of Education will build policies for the development of educational technologies jointly with the Better Regulation Delivery Office

The Ministry of Education and Science and the BRDO Office will work together to create conditions for developing a market of educational technologies and services.... Read more

BRDO launches a review of the regulation of aerodrome environs development

About 100 residential buildings of more than 16 floors, that is, more than 50 meters in height, are built annually in Ukraine. 54% of buildings... Read more

The Ministry of Regional Development together with BRDO, IDLO and “Together Against Corruption” are developing new transparent procedures regarding deviations from DBN

The Ministry of Regional Development in cooperation with the public and experts worked out a roadmap of tasks to introduce new procedures for considering and... Read more