Olena Shuliak

Construction Sector Head


Raw materials Ukraine, or How Russia earns from Ukrainian glass

Ukraine exports 98% of raw materials for glass production to Russia and Belarus, and then imports the finished glass from these countries.

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Is Ukraine in danger of going short of cement?

Cement is the most common building material in Ukraine. In addition to direct use in construction, it is the main component of concrete. The cement takes about 14% in the mass of a concrete mixture, but its cost is much...

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Change or die. What is the future of the market of metal structures?

Source: www.business.ua Ukraine is among the top 10 largest world producers of metal, but it does not use its potential. While declaring its desire to move from the resource-based economy to commodity exports and innovative development, the state does not...

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Will Soviet-type schools continue to be built in Ukraine?

Will Soviet-type schools continue to be built in Ukraine? After all, Ukrainian schoolchildren spend at least 2,720 days – 7 years and 7 months in classrooms   Source: life.pravda.com.ua Before graduating from high school, Ukrainian schoolchildren spend at least 2,720 days...

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Snow avalanche of defrauded investors  

Source: Novoye vremya. Biznes More than 800 unfinished construction projects. 4.5 million square meters without owners. 78 square meters – an average apartment size according to the statistics of new builds delivered in 2016. At a minimum – 58,000 defrauded...

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