Olena Shuliak

Construction Sector Head


Head of BRDO Construction sector Olena Shulyak comments: the housing market: when the “bubble” will burst

Will the prices in the primary housing market fall? What risks do rising prices of construction materials and the lack of effective demand from apartment buyers carry for real estate developers?

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Experts: Ukraine improved its position in the Doing Business rating due to simplification of construction legislation

Ukraine moved to the 35th position among 190 countries in terms of the component “Obtaining construction permits” in the Doing Business index – that is, its ranking grew by 105 points.

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Hocus-pocus. How Ukraine managed to rise in the Doing Business rating

Ukraine demonstrated a breakthrough in the Doing Business ranking as a result of improvements in construction.

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In Ukraine, only 24% of urban planning documentation is available to the public

Source: delo.ua. In all European countries, land development rules are strictly regulated by the law, and it is very expensive to deviate from them. At the same time, all cities and towns have land-use plans and these plans as well...

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Raw materials Ukraine, or How Russia earns from Ukrainian glass

Ukraine exports 98% of raw materials for glass production to Russia and Belarus, and then imports the finished glass from these countries.

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