Oleksii Orzhel

Energy Sector Head


New electricity market. Average consumers will pay more

Source: delo.ua The head of the BRDO’s Energy sector Oleksiy Orzhel is speaking about a new law on electricity market and its impact on competition on the Ukrainian market. The adopted draft law #4493 on electricity market of Ukraine looks...

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External and internal threats offer Ukraine just one possible option for energy sector development: energy efficiency and generation in every yard

Source: http://www.epravda.com.ua Last weeks clearly showed the agony of government control over the energy sector. Unfortunately, the consideration of a key sector document – the draft energy strategy – was pushed into the background. This document should define the development...

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Independent energy-sector regulator: how it works

Source: biz.nv.ua The state regulation in Ukraine is an extremely important point, which is necessary to balance the interests of the state, businesses and the society. But sometimes, this regulation can be obsolete and no longer serve any purpose while...

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Instability of renewable energy market in Ukraine

The world is changing. Trends of the clean energy development by using renewable energy sources (RES) and information technologies are merged together; areas of decentralized smart distributed generation grids based on a harmony instead of a fight against natural powers...

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How to simplify the procedure of connecting to electricity supply networks?

One of the key contact points of consumers and the energy sector is connecting to electricity supply networks. Every consumer wants to be sure in both the quality and reliability of energy supply as well as in passing the connection...

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