Oleksiy Honcharuk

Head of BRDO


Experts: Why is the investment attractiveness of Ukraine growing – Oleksiy HONCHARUK

In 2017, the Ukraine’s investment attractiveness index reached its peak in the last six years – 3.15 points on a five-point scale.

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How to remove 12 regulatory defects in a Ukrainian way?

We need not to abolish the rules, but improve them to create a comfortable regulatory environment for business in Ukraine

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Kamasutra of reforms

What do reforms and sex have in common? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, that there is a focus on the process while the result has a minor role in the Ukrainian realities. However, these phenomena...

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How to save Ukrainian forest

Illegal forest cutting and timber sales, theft and smuggling of wood products are a serious problem for Ukraine. Ambiguous laws and a huge corruption problem just aggravate the situation. A real volume of today’s illegal cuttings is hundreds of times...

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Oleksiy Honcharuk: Ukrainian business needs a level playing field  

You can read how the government’s Action Plan on implementation of the best practices of doing business as reflected in the World Bank’s methodology of the Doing Business ranking is implemented and what problems the Ukrainian business is facing with...

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